Field Work gives access to common objects that derive from the industrial sector. The series depicts sculptural installations, which momentarily disturb our conditional relationship to objects that we may have become overly familiar with in our daily routine. Through the use of recognisable materials such as concrete and metal, the work becomes accessible and encourages the viewer to reconsider new ways of seeing their surrounding environment. The neutral studio space helps in transforming these ordinary objects into artefacts, bringing their existence back into our visual recognition.  

Much like the restricted access we have to urban- construction sites, Field Work acts as limited- experienced installation that denied the viewer access to each physical space. Transitioning each collated set up into an impermanent bricolage of objects, the camera acts as a tool for cataloguing these temporary constructs. The photographs remain as the only lasting document.  

The series subsequently alters our experiences of how we could approach a sculpture within a space, through flattening the three-dimensional object into the flat surface of the photograph. Each image allows the life of sculpture to become subsisted in this gap between the known and preconceived judgement of the recognisable everyday object.

Untitled (Steel Plate #2)
Untitled (Resin Brick)
Untitled (Concrete Flats)
Untitled (Steel Plate #4)
Untitled (Steel Plate #6)
Untitled (Brick- Suspended)
Untitled (Copper Structure)
Untitled (Concrete Flats. Detail)
Untitled (Incomplete Structures)
Untitled (Copper Structure, Detail)
Untitled (Concrete Flats, Detail)